Message from Chairman



Dato’ Ismail Osman, Chairman of Board, MTSFB

Over the years, we have successfully positioned ourselves as the leader in developing standards for the communication and multimedia industry with our 10 Working Groups that specialise in different topics. We’re very lucky to have our General Manager, Puan Zaleha, who is a driving force of change in the organisation.

Since 2004, we have been actively integrating telecommunication, information technology, and media in the multimedia industry. As one of the largest component of the communications and multimedia ecosystem in Malaysia, we must be able to envisage the challenges ahead and develop standards that best support the industry needs. After all, our role is to create a balance that enables sustainable development in Malaysia.

Apart from our current Green ICT and IOT projects, we would see huge progress on smart cities initiatives such as smart pole, 5G, and basically anything to do with “smart”, in near future. How exciting it would be if we could explore the network’s endless possibilities when 5G arrives? With ultra-high speed and low latency, we could keep the cost consumer friendly without compromising on quality, which is what we are constantly striving to achieve.

For the past 15 years, we have been growing organically under the umbrella of MCMC that houses a team of diverse expertise, apart from our members. It would definitely be more than ideal if the expertise available in the industry is channelled to MTSFB for standards development. While we are at it, our services should come at an affordable price point to the users and the public. That’s our priority. As long as we are willing to contribute our best, MTSFB will continue to gain valuable experiences and thrive in the digital world, now and in the future.