1. To create a co-operative and conducive self-regulatory environment among industry stakeholders to address technical issues related to network interoperability, safety and operation. 

  2. To initiate and facilitate the industry members to collaborate for mutual benefits in this competitive economic sector. 

  3. To encourage and recognise participation from the industry stakeholders on standardisation initiatives and activities particularly by their respective technical officers and experts. 

  4. To promote and supervise compliance to the relevant Technical Codes and Malaysian Standards by industry players. 

  5. To educate and promote awareness on the importance of technologies, standards and harmonization to the stakeholders and its relation to the nation building and global competitiveness. 

  6. To ensure cordial liaison and secure governmental support on the development of human and financial resources in targeted participation and development for Malaysia.

  7. To become the focal body among technical experts in the local industry to gain knowledge, deliberate and intensify advance technologies to support building our human resources and experts for the country. 

  8. To become a significant body in bridging our national technical experts and leaders to the relevant international bodies for broader exposure and technical collaboration.